A very early group of riders on Douglas' etc. Some say this is Maitland Showgrounds, others disagree.
One of the more successful Aussie pioneer riders, Paddy Dean. Won the Australian 3 lap 500cc title in 1927. 
Pat Hamilton, the first Australian rider to win the Australian Speedway Championship. Pat won the 2 lap & 4 lap titles at Newcastle in 1927.  
The first Australian Solo Champion, Cecil Brown of the United States of America, Cecil won the 6 lap title race at Newcastle, NSW in 1926.
Over the many years I have been associated with Australian Speedway, it's participants, it's journalists and it's historians, I have amassed an amazing collection of rare photos , some probably never seen before.. I have taken this opportunity to create a website to reflect on the pictorial history of our sport of Speedway, it's riders and drivers, both here and overseas. The photos on these pages are courtesy of the owners of many collections world wide.
One of Australia's finest riders over many decades, Lionel went on to win the initial World Solo Title at Wembley in 1936, came 7th in 1937, 4th in 1938 and was placed 2nd four times in the Australian Solo title. The 1941, 46 & 47 3 lap and the 1947 2 lap titles.
Ernie Buck rode the Hunter Valley meets in the 1920s including the opening meeting at Dungog Speedway, Dungog Showground, on July 30th.1927
Charlie Datson, one of the famous Datson Brothers who rode in the 20s & 30s including those early meetings at West Maitland Showground..
Geoffrey ' Buzz ' Hibbard rode well both in Australia and England, lost his life at Wentworth Speedway - Sydney.
Bert Spencer had a fine career, riding for Australia on several occasions and Captained the Norwich League team in England.
Queenslander Stan Lupton, born in 1907, started riding in 1927, went to England in 1930, rode for Lea Bridge and Plymouth. In 2006 one of Australia oldest living Speedway pioneers, he passed away at 99 years of age in September 2006.
Reg West (left) and Paddy Dean at the Exhibition Speedway, Melbourne in May 1930. Reg won the Australian 2 mile Solo Championship ( the Aust Title ) at the Melbourne Exhibition Speedway in 1930.
Young Aussie Ernie Evans rode in England, South America and on the Continent in the 1930s. Ernie started his career at Clayton in Melbourne in 1928. At his first meeting a lady spectator said he was too young to ride should be spanked and sent to bed ! 
Max Grosskreutz, Ernie Evans and Vic Huxley.
Jack Turner who rode on the card at Maitland Showgrounds in the 20s.
Aussies, Ernie Evans, Ray Duggan, Bill Longley, Clem Mitchell & Ron Johnson can be seen in this 1938 New Cross League Team photo.
Bill Crampton - the man who won the first 'Speedway' race at  Maitland Showgrounds in December 1923.
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Aussie pioneer rider - Bill Stipcewich 
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One of the originals at Maitland Showground in 1923. 
Allan Whitfield Roper - aka Allan Blackburne
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and on the left

Allan and passenger with his bolt on Sidecar.
 Allan rode outfits after his Solo days.